Lady Washington

Lady Washington needs new spars to keep her going into 2017 and beyond. You can help by donating by June 30, 2016 to our $30,000 campaign for new spars. We’ll use the money to craft new wooden pieces and rig them by September 30th when the ship is in Port Townsend Boat Haven. These new spars will carry the strain of the sails, transforming the power of the wind into propulsion. Lady Washington can’t sail without them. Please donate today by calling our office at 800-200-5239, donating online via our Donate page, or via Paypal.

If you prefer to send a check, or donate by US mail, please download and print this form. Instructions are included.

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Launched on March 7, 1989, the Lady Washington was built in Aberdeen, Wash., by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public development authority. The new Lady Washington is a full-scale replica of the original Lady Washington.

Watch a 1992 documentary about the construction of Lady Washington

In 1787, after the war, she was given a major refit to prepare her for a unprecedented trading voyage around Cape Horn. In 1788, she became the first American vessel to make landfall on the west coast of North America.

A pioneer in Pan-Pacific trade, she was the first American ship to visit Honolulu, Hong Kong and Japan. Lady Washington opened the black pearl and sandalwood trade between Hawaii and Asia when King Kamehameha became a partner in the ship.

The modern Lady Washington was thoroughly researched by historians and constructed by skilled shipwrights. She was launched as part of the 1989 Washington State Centennial celebration. The new Lady Washington is a U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified passenger sailing vessel.

Over the years, Lady Washington has appeared in several motion pictures and television shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Star Trek: Generations, Once Upon A Time, and Revolution.


Lady Washington Statistics
Length on deck 67 feet
Length on the waterline 72 feet
Overall length 112 feet
Draft (Depth) 11 feet
Beam (Width) 22 feet
Mast height 89 feet
Displacement 210 tons
Gross tonnage 99 tons
Total sail area 4,442 square feet
Rigging Approximately six miles
Guns Two three pounder; two swivels aft
Crew compliment 12
Passenger capacity 45

More information about the modern Lady Washington is available in our Lady Washington Timeline(.pdf) and Lady Washington Fun Facts(.pdf).

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Many thanks to our 78 donors who gave $4,905 toward our first-ever Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Lady Washington. With these funds, we’ll purchase fresh heavy-duty engine batteries for the ship. Here’s a list of generous donors who agreed to let us use their names to show their commitment to keeping Lady Washington strong for her next 25 years: Bob Harbison, John Welch, Laurie Pilgrim-Rust, Paul Johansen, Mark Griffin, Jeff Cook, Gilles Ventéjol, Maia Fischler, Francis Cottrell, David Cottrell, David Lebson, Randy Beerbower, David Westby, Susie Rich Stockbauer, Deborah Raven-Lindsey. Thank you!