Family/Youth Camp

Anchored out at Smuggler's Cove

Notice: Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will not be offering Family Camp or Youth Camp in 2016.

“Stuart, Patos, Sucia, Matia, Lopez, Shaw” you’ll think to yourself as you and your family walk down the dock towards your ship. Island exploration for a week is as easy as it sounds. Once on board you’ll be introduced to the professional crew and “squared away” with a bunk below decks.

Swim call! Together with other adventurous families, you will help sail the boat to islands tucked into the San Juans. At night you’ll row ashore in our long boats for camp fires, games, and your evening meal. Watching the sun slowly rise over the water, whether you’re sleeping on board or onshore, will gear you up for a day of island hikes, tidepooling and sailing. If it doesn’t, don’t worry – we have coffee too.

Watch with pride as your children tie sheet bends, set sail, row as a team and steer the ship towards your next island destination.

Family Camp 3 As you relax next to the fire at night, surrounded by your family and crew, getting ready to share your favorite memory from that day – which one will you choose?

For more information, call the Historical Seaport at 800-200-5239 or email us.

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