The Ships’ Crews

Our crews are tight-knit communities of professional and volunteer mariners who come together to maintain and sail Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. They are bright, skilled and hilarious, and many of them got their start in our Two Weeks Before the Mast volunteer program. If you’d like to join our crew, check out our Jobs and Volunteering pages.

Hawaiian Chieftain Crew, Winter 2015

Hawaiian Chieftain crew, Winter 2015

Hawaiian Chieftain crew, Winter 2015: Capt. Éamon Kennedy, Chris Anderson, Becca Buckler, Ashley Childers, Breezie Womack, Bailey Gordon, Kyley Smith, Chloe Ali-Oshatz, Riot the Ship’s Dog. Not pictured: Nick Clanton, Marshall Thomas.

Lady Washington Crew, Spring 2013


Robert Neel, Darryl “Elf” Hall, Mike Bucy, James “Chuck” Turner, Shana “Tank” Tinkle, Barb “Bomb” Kraler, Laura Cooney, Connor Maurer, Michael De La Cruz, Sabrina “Maple Syrup” Sandburg, Myron “No Funny Nickname” Kingsbury, John “JB” Morrison. Not Pictured Patty McLaren.


The Seaport Office Staff and GHHSA’s Board of Directors

Our wonderful staff and board members do the behind-the-scenes work to keep our vessels sailing. To learn more about contributing your time to our efforts, please contact us.


Office Staff

Brandi Bednarik, Business Manager

Brandi Bednarik is a local Harborite, who is currently raising her own family in Montesano. She attended Aberdeen High School before getting an associates degree at Grays Harbor Community College. Her background was mostly in the private sector of construction finance and customer service before joining Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority’s office staff. She has worked her way up the ranks to become our chief financial officer. Brandi believes strongly in our mission and in providing opportunities for education and maritime career growth. Go Seahawks!

Captain Les Bolton, Executive Director

After a successful career in the private sector, Capt. Les Bolton joined GHHSA as executive director in 1990, leading efforts to refocus the organization on a new vision. Under his guidance, the organization has earned a reputation as a leading provider of training opportunities in tall ship and general maritime skills, hands-on heritage experiences for K-12 students, and cross-cultural experiences for individuals and families. Les is now coordinating activities aimed at achieving GHHSA’s vision for Seaport Landing, a new tourism destination and tall ship maintenance facility in Aberdeen.

Joe Follansbee, Communications Director

Joe Follansbee joined GHHSA as Communications Director in 2007. He has previously worked as a newspaper reporter, radio reporter, web developer, and he occasionally publishes articles on Pacific Northwest issues in regional magazines. He has published five books on maritime history and heritage, including a history of the schooner Wawona, which called at Grays Harbor ports in the early 20th century.

Roxie Underwood, Vessel Operations Manager

Roxie is a resident of Montesano and a graduate of Montesano High School. Her background is in commercial and residential construction, where she started out as a field laborer and worked her way up to project and permit manager. She enjoys interactions with the public, schools, Seaport staff and crews of Lady Washington, Hawaiian Chieftain, and other tall ships around the country. Roxie is an advocate for the tall ships programs and believes in keeping our maritime history alive and preserved for our future generations to enjoy.


Spar Shop

Shawn Cross
Dick Toy


Board of Directors

David Cottrell
Dave Douglass (Board Chair)
Alex Kluh
Tim Howden
Paul O’Brien
Laura Pilgrim-Rust
Price Chenault
Roberta Myers
Al Carter
Scott Reynvaan