Our Supporters

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our 2012 supporters. Many of the names listed below are people who have been instrumental in creating the organization we are today. To our new supporters, we welcome you to the community and thank you for your generosity in giving. Together, we can accomplish great things.

If you love our tall ships, but have not yet given, please consider becoming a supporter today. All gifts, large and small, are valued and will be used carefully toward our educational mission. Your gift makes a big difference!


Our Featured Supporter

Joe Bartlett

In 2005, Joe Bartlett says he was “overstressed, overweight and stuck in a deep rut.” He decided to shake up his life and sail on the Lady Washington in Tall Ships 2005. From that point on, his heart was commandeered by the traditional sailing ways of a square-rigged ship.

He had found new meaning, and prepared for the whole next year by saving money and getting in shape for one of the hardest adventures of his life: sail training for 2 weeks on the mighty brig Lady Washington. It was both tough and rewarding; hands were blistered, mistakes were made, and lasting friendships with shipmates were forged along the way.

Since 2006, Joe jumps back into his funnies (period clothing) whenever he can, from a couple of days to a few weeks, and is back on the Lady Washington hauling sail, teaching history, and sharing wonder.

When someone asks what he does these days, he tells them that he sails tall ships, and is a topman on the Lady Washington. His other job is just to pay the bills so he can volunteer on the ships and be crew on the Lady Washington.

Joe’s daughter Wendy is a second generation tall ship sailor. Joe has supported the Historical Seaport as a member since 2010.

Giving Supporter
$100,000+ State of Washington Department of Commerce – Planking Grant
 $50,000+ The Magic Cabinet Foundation
$1,000 to $5,000 Grays Harbor Community Foundation
Lady Washington Dockside Tour Donors
Roy and Annie Pearmain
Christine Cottrell
Bergstrom Foundry
Bruce Lindsay
Intel Corporation
Hawaiian Chieftain Dockside Tour Donors
Joan Vance
Chuck Pollock
David Cottrell
Hank Cramer
$500 to $999 Constance Allen
Coos Bay Boat Building Center
Barbara Kraler
Donald M Grant
Price and Barbara Chenault
Katie Krueger
Laura and Randy Rust
Arthur Grunbaum and Linda Orgel
Linda Orgel
Marian L Stevens
Melissa Faulkner
Robert Ford
Sandra Toomey
West Marine Products Inc.
$200 to $499 Washington State Association of County Auditors
Leslie Stirnus
Christine Angeles
Robert Esposito
James Nugent
Walmart Store
Meera Dolasia
Tracey Ginther
Bergstrom Foundry
David Talbot
Brian Nix
Elizabeth Vonalt
Eugene and Eileen Schermer
John F Mitchell
Lawrence and Phyllis Loeb
Martha Hill
Max Vekich
Reed Graham
T.D. Clark
Virginia Miller
William and Helga Mayne
Mark Griffin
Joe Bartlett
Theologue and Marjorie Hatzimanolis
Kulani Kamaha’O
Brownsville Yacht Club
Don and Diane Little
Harbor Electronics
Judith Lewis
The Jack Levin Foundation
Bremerton Rotary Foundation

$1 to $200:
Abe Livchitz, Adam and Denise Phillips, Alan and Ellen Alquist, Alan Gozart, Alan Keevy, Alex Kluh, Alexander Mcconaughey, Andrea Monticue, Andrew Johnson, Andy and Karen Nousen, Ann Barbee, Arlon Owensdy, Art Pasquinelli, Barbara Smith, Ben Blanchard, Betty Buswell, Beverly McTaggart, Bill Anderson, Bob and Sandy Phares, Bob Harbison, Boeing Employee Match, Brandi Bednarik, Brennan Philips, Brian and Christine Peck, Brian Clampitt, Brian Kearney, Brian Smith, Brian Wilson, Caitlin A. Porter, Carol Bernthal, Carol Margerum, Cary Woltkamp, Cassie Demant, Catherine Glazer, Charles Hanson, Charles R. Fowler, Charles Waller, Chelcie and Kathy Liu, Cindy Milligan, Curt Tipton, D. Stephen Raymond, D.R. Whitson, Dan and Sue Snyder, Dan Senour, Dana Rohde, Daniel Bolong, Daniel Dionne, Daniele Hovington, Darlene Christensen, David Bydeley, David Laster, David Summers, David Young, Dawn Anton, Dawn Bence, Deatra Harrington, Debbie Gilia, Denise Ferrin, Dennis Company, Deslar Kyn Patten, Diana Baker, Diana Scott, Donald and Linda Hurd, Donald Justice, Donna Reyes, Dustin Voss, DW Thomsen, Edgar Graudins, Edward Mund, Elizabeth Bishop, Elizabeth Phillips, Eric Delmar, Erich Lynn, Eva Kraler, Fay Mendoza, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, “First Church of Christ, Scientist”, Frank Chestnut, Frank Seymour, Fred and Mary VanEss, Frederic Lhamon, Gary Goodenough, George and Suzanna Donovan, George D and Elese R Horton, Gerald Graham, Glenn and Anne Sayles, Gordon Worley, Gregory Farley Henderson, Hilda Weintraub, Ignacy Lipiec, “Ingram, Zelasko, & Goodwin, LLP”, Ivan Lund, Jack Hollingworth, James A Reid, James Bushnell, James Colton, James Groenke, James Johnson, James Lefeber, Janet Jorgenson, Janis Martin, Jay Wardle, Jayson Vantuyl, Jean Robinson, Jeanne Ward, Jeff Grove, Jeff Muchow, Jennie Dusheck, Jerel Crawford, Jerry and Polly Fellows, Jerry and Sue Keltner, Jerry Rowland, Jessica Ford, Joan Kirkpatrick, Joan Patton-Cavallero, Joe Follansbee, Joe Vaughan, John and Doris Tieder, John Carvelli, John Chavez, John Ferdon, John Higgins, John Montgomery, John Morrison, John Porter, John Roberts, John Sherman, John Tilton, Joleen Wiggins, Jonathan Mcdermott, Jonathan Shumate, Jonathon Michaels, Jose Amayo, Joseph A Reznak, Joyce Smith, Judith Girard, Judy Hasche, Juliana Meekins, Julie Rose, Karen Dargent, Karla Winans, Katherine John, Katherine Thoresen, Kathi d Hoder, Katie O’Brien, Keith Beard, Kelly Kohagura, Kelsey Taussig, Kimberley Smith, Kj Watt, Konrad Sosnow, Kris Wagoner Hudson, Krist Novoselic, Kristi Kind, Kristine Hake, Kurt Shaver, Laura Garnes, Laurie Beaujour, Leslie Etheridge, Liberty Mutual Foundation Match, Linda Arata, Linda Shukla, Linda Stewart, Linnaea Knisely, Lisa Hodges, Louis English, Louis Walters, Lowell Bridges, Lyle Thomas, Lynette Kessler, Lynn Jackson, Maia Fischler, Malcolm Alexander, Margaret Richardson, Mark Jensen, Mark Lewis, Mark Olmstead, Marlene and Dick Dixon, Marnie Sell, Martin and Catherine Mclendon, Martin Mikelsons, Martin Spotanske, Martin Stephenson, Mary Allen, Mary C Carroll, Mary Gregory, Melinda Finnigan, Melinda Gratteau, Melinda Harvey, Melissa Webb, Melody Pope, Michael Dowdy, Michael Petouhoff, Mike and Sylvia Dickerson, Mobile Hydraulic Service Inc., Nathalie Bydeley, Nicole Cvitanovic, Norma Myers, Oscar and Julie Fricke, Owen Hershey, Pallas Hubler, Pam Theis, Patricia Brown, Patricia Engman, Paul Clem, Paul O’Brien, Penny Renaud, Peter Brix, Peter Hansenpeterh, Quinn and Jake Pasquini, R Weathers, Ralph Benson, Randall Wilburn, Randolph Brown, Rebecca Kalal, Reid & Max Mather, Richard De Graw, Richard Dougherty, Rick and Nancy Keller-Scholz, Rob Radford, Robert Bailey, Robert Buyers, Robert Nance, Robert Singer, Rochelle King, Rodney Weathers, Roger Tyler, Ron Barry, Roxie Underwood, Russell Peterson, Russell Richardson, Sandra Back, Sandra Carter, Sarina & Steve Bero, Scott Grenier, Sean Walker, Sharon Taff, Sheila Liston, Shelly Freshman, Sophie Kitson, Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, Stephen Vanwambeck, Steve Horn, Susan Brain, Susan Clarke, Susan Morrison, Susan Sokolowski, Susan Strong, Susan Vaughan, Ted Spoelstra, Terri Selig, Terry Davenport, Theodore Polovina, Timothy and Tracie Unterwegner, Tony Liang, Topa Topa PTA, Twyman Plumb, Valene Williamson, Vanessa LaValle, Vern Bartley, Veronica Hirsch, Walter Pierson, Wanda Moriarty, Wendell Stewart, Wendy Eklund, William and Marsha Dillon, William Brooks, William Howitt, William Mazzanti, William Smith